Surrender to Love

Preeti Yoga - the PRESENCE Process

Open the floodgates to the reservoirs of your physical energy, your emotional strength, your conceptual clarity, and your transformative creativity.

Ask any question in the Question & Answer sessions.

Learn how to think clearly. Learn how to step away from thinking.

Sharpen your sensing. Deepen your perception.

Learn specific Kriyas, exercises that strengthen specific realms of consciousness.

Experience transformation.

Learn the secret of tuning into the Source within yourself.

The Immersive

A pioneering happening. A revolutionary body of knowledge. A life changing transformation. An energized field of action. A revered transformational guide.

For six days immerse yourself in an unparalleled process of self-mastery and self-knowing. Awaken to the all-knowing Source within you. In the presence of Maharishikaa Preeti (Preeti Chandrakant) – the mystic who dares to demystify – receive answers to your most challenging questions.

Learn how to master yourself. Learn how to empower others. And above all, learn a process by which to tune into the Source within, to receive precise answers, and... to know... what Love is.

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The Itinerary

Participants must arrive at their hotel in Mumbai latest by 10:00 a.m. on December 24, 2019. The Immersive will begin on Tuesday, December 24, and conclude on Sunday, December 29, 2019.

Please Note: Those under 18 will not be permitted to attend the Transformation sessions. They will be permitted to participate in other activities.


Transfers from the Airport to Powai - (Transfers can be arranged for you at an additional cost per car with maximum two occupants, for both arrival and departure transfers)
Travel Insurance
Additional food and drinks
Yoga mats
Toiletries, bath towels, hand towels
Anything not mentioned in the ‘Included’ list above


Timings are dynamic and will be made known as each new day unfolds.

Surrender to Love