• Meet Maharishikaa Preeti
    On the 15 day PRESENCE Pilgrimage from Spain to Switzerland
    - El Camino de Santiago de Compostela beginning July 22, 2017

    PRESENCE Camino Pilgrimage information

    The Place to meet Maiyaa
    2nd of August / Villafranca Del Bierzo / San Nicolas el Real - Travesia San Nicolas 4
    3rd of August / Molinaseca / La Casa del Reloj - Travesia Manuel Fraga 6
    4th of August / El Acebo / Casa de Peregrino

    The Path
    22.07.2017: All pilgrims gather in Zürich by evening.
    23.07.2017: You depart by bus early from Zurich for Santiago de Compostela.
    24.07.2017: You arrive in Santiago de Compostela. Midnight viewing of Fireworks.
    25.07.2017: You spend the day in Santiago de Compostela. You attend the first PRESENCE with the Maharishikaa. The pilgrimage to the Self begins.
    26.07.2017: The Walk begins.
    06.08.2017: Arrival in Zürich. Closing PRESENCE.

    The Food
    Depending on availability, Indian and European meals will be cooked and served alternatingly. All meals will be simple and strictly vegetarian.
    No fish or eggs will be served.
    Those wishing to eat non-vegetarian meals in restaurants along the route are permitted to do so but are requested not to bring it into the area where the PRESENCE pilgrims are gathered.

    The Accommodation
    Pilgrims will be accommodated in simple dormitory style hostels. Those wishing to opt for hotel rooms may make their own arrangements.
    However, this will not alter the Registration Amount.

    Special Assistance
    As the daily distance between villages can be between 9 and 25 kilometres, and we do not want anyone who wants to experience this pilgrimage with the Maharishikaa to be left out, the elderly, the physically challenged, children, and anyone who feels too tired to walk will be picked up by our cars or buses.

    We will provide babysitting facilities during the daily Evening PRESENCE. For costs please write us an email.

    To meet Pilgrimage expenses per person
    Above 24: 1500 Swiss Francs/Dollars/Euros
    18 to 24: 840 Swiss Francs/Dollars/Euros
    1 to 18: 540 Swiss Francs/Dollars/Euros

    Limited Places
    As this PRESENCE pilgrimage is happening during the St. James Festival when thousands of pilgrims go on the Camino, the number of participants in this PRESENCE Pilgrimage is limited to 60, due to the limited availability of suitable accommodation.
    Please register immediately to ensure your participation.

    For queries, please call or email us:

    Aleksandra Nesic +41 79 788 16 03
    Marc van Egmond +41 76 529 09 68

    Purushartha Saini +91 98 4525 8000
    Deshna Khanna +91 98 1908 5359

    E-Mail: camino2017@preeti.org

    Do inform family, friends and colleagues about this unique, historical happening. Give them a chance to experience fifteen days with Maharishikaa Preeti, on Europe's most renowned pilgrim’s path.

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    Once you have registered, you will receive information about the precise itinerary, walk and ride variations, clothing and equipment lists, and relevant links.

    Halts on the WAY from Santiago de Compostela to Source